Vivacom Bulgaria upgrades network to 150 Mbps LTE-A

17.04.2018 - VIVACOM builds its mobile network in five of the largest cities in the country, introducing the next generation of technology - 4.5G or LTE Advanced. This provides telecom customers with higher download speeds from the Internet - up to 150 Mbps for download. Thus, the telecom users will be able to watch video seamlessly, live and surf the world faster. For this, their smartphone must be able to support LTE Advanced.

VIVACOM is not an end in itself. It is dictated by the expectations of consumers and businesses for quick and dynamic access to the necessary information or service on the Internet. With the advancement of new technologies, online services, cloud solutions, and digital management of a number of spheres of life for every person, company, and even cities have evolved. These services, in turn, require even more developed technologies and networks to manage. VIVACOM responds adequately to the new demands of society and business. "I believe that this is the responsibility of our company to our customers" explains the motivations of the new implementation Radoslav Zlatkov, chief technical director of VIVACOM.

The Telecom began the step-by-step introduction of the next-generation 4.5G technology after it received the award for the fastest mobile 4Grid for 2017 by the independent company Ookla. The results are based on tests of real users through their popular Speedtest application.

This year, VIVACOM's 4G network received a new recognition for the best coverage of the measurement population by the leading independent wireless solutions provider GWS (Global Wireless Solutions).  

Along with mobile technology investments, VIVACOM continues to develop the LoRa network, which enables wireless connection of many different devices, thus becoming the basis for smart cities and the Internet of Things. After launching it in Sofia in November 2017, the telecom has already built such a network in Plovdiv and Varna. Development plans provide for coverage of 9 more cities, including large regional centers, as well as medium and smaller settlements and resorts. These are Burgas, Stara Zagora, Nessebar, Veliko Tarnovo, Blagoevgrad, Gabrovo, Vratsa, Pleven and Bansko.

VIVACOM has the technological opportunity to quickly develop the new network in any city where businesses or local authorities see the potential for smart management solutions.

Following the global trends, VIVACOM has been developing its technology structure consistently and purposefully over the past few years, preparing for the innovative future of smart cities, digitized homes and digital society as a whole. For the smooth transition to a new and much more technological future, the company deliberately invests in the digitization of Bulgarian education, develops and provides accessible solutions for digital classrooms and innovative training. In addition to technology and software, VIVACOM also provides training for teaching staff, investing in technology, valuable time and human resources. The company plans to launch its own VIVACOM TechLab technical laboratory that will enable startup companies to test their services in a real-life environment with state-of-the-art technologies.

"We understand responsibility for the new generation of Bulgaria as a responsibility for their knowledge and skills for a new and exciting digital future, which, however, will be welcoming only to the prepared ones. Invested time, energy, concentration and k now - how education is now the basis for the development of our children. " So Radoslav Zlatkov explain oriented education policy of the telecom.

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