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About Us

We're an industry-leading RF consultancy developing an ecosystem of wireless networks, equipment, technologies, manufacturers, and users.

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Halberd Bastion RF Consulting

Halberd Bastion (HB) are an RF consulting firm, facilitating the development, standardisation, and evolution of the global wireless ecosystem. Our clients include hardware developers, institutional entities, mobile network operators, IoT integrators, RF equipment manufacturers, and various government bodies that benefit from the firm's professional service offering.

  • Project Consulting
  • Research & Resources for Wireless Professionals
  • RF Laboratory Testing - TIS / TRP / Gain / Efficiency / S-Parameters
  • Design - Antennas, Components, Transmission
  • Manufacturing & Procurement Services
  • Product Development & Enhancement
  • Factory Tours, Audit, and Translation Services

HB maintain a comprehensive network of manufacturers, laboratories, and technology developers across Asia and abroad. We leverage this extensive vendor network to source antennas from 225 MHz to 220 GHz, transmission and distribution cables, assemblies, connectors, military, aerospace, mmWave, and system components.

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