The speed at which wireless technology is evolving makes it an exciting field to be involved in. But this fast-paced evolution can make it a highly challenging environment to navigate. Our company was established with the simple vision of provide a guiding light in dark waters.

Our professional and friendly staff understand the nuances of the technology solutions we provide. If you have questions our team can offer more than just answers. Please use one of the following forms to get in touch, or alternatively email one of our departments using the relevant addresses below.

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A Warm Welcome

It is always a pleasure establishing and developing professional relationships with fellow industry leaders.  We look forward to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each new client and working to deliver the best possible operational benefits.

Director of Trading, Ranjie Orr

Our firm was founded with integrity and professionalism as keystones; I am proud to say that these qualities are continuously maintained by my colleagues at HB Radiofrequency.  Being our client means more than access to quality consultancy services, you are entitled to expect outstanding service from a progressive firm that responds dynamically to provide solutions for your challenges.

If you are interested in exploring how our company can assist I encourage you to contact us.  Speaking on behalf of all advisors, thank you for considering our firm during this exciting age of wireless development.

Ranjie Orr, Director of Trading (Australia)

HB Radiofrequency’s main business operations are conducted from Australia, with support functions in Guangzhou. If you would like to find out more about our company please visit our Corporate Overview page.

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Our team are proud to represent the largest network of vendors and manufacturers in the world. If you believe your company can provide value to our client-base, we'd love to hear from you.