MagtiCom Launches First Georgian LTE-A Network

For the first time MagtiCom will offer its customers 4.5G, the latest version of LTE.

MagtiCom is the first among mobile operator operators operating in Georgia with 4.5G (LTE-Advanced) network.

On May 31, 2016, MagtiCom purchased a spectrum of 800 MHz frequencies at the auction held by the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC), which cost 25,391,303 GEL (twenty three hundred and eighty-eight thousand three hundred three hundred lari). This sum is entirely in the budget of Georgia.

At present MagtiCom is the only mobile operator in the Georgian market, offering a combination of two frequency spectrum (LTE 800 and LTE 1800) customers offering 4.5G (LTE-Advanced) network and higher quality service, with sharply increased internet speed. Over the years MagtiCom has the highest internet connection. (See the National Commission for Communications).

This is proof that mobile internet users are using the MagtiCom network most intensively. From now on MagtiCom users will use the fastest mobile internet, technologically advanced, high and high frequency through the LTE-Advanced Network.