Lifecell launches 4G LTE-A Pro in Ukraine

March 30, 2018. A leader of the new Internet generation, lifecell launched 4.5G high-speed network simultaneously in the largest number of oblast centers in Ukraine. 49% of smartphones in lifecell network support LTE. For all subscribers to experience the benefits of a new Internet generation the operator gives one week 4.5G usage for free.

Digital operator lifecell launched a network of the new standard in all oblast centers of Ukraine (except Donetsk and Luhansk) in the crowded areas. Today, for the third part of all cities of the country lifecell is the only operator having started to provide fourth generation connection services. In particular, these cities are Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk, Vinnitsya and Cherkasy, lifecell is the only operator providing fourth generation communication services. As a result of a well-considered bidding strategy, lifecell received the largest number of spectrum per user, which means the best user experience for operator’s subscribers ensuring the operator's leadership in 4.5G services.

4.5G by lifecell is the fourth mobile Internet generation based on LTE Advanced Pro technology. This technology enables the operator to provide up to 5 times higher than 3G download speed and up to 10 times higher upload speed as well as ensuring immediate reaction of web sites and applications. For our subscribers, it means even faster data transfer, experience of using the best digital services, access to financial services, watching HD video with no delay, playing online games of any complexity, and more convenient remote work for business users. New technology will drive the further development of IoT, M2M, Smart City, e-Government, m-Health, "smart" house, etc.

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