Kyivstar introduces NB-IoT in Ukraine

In December 2018 and in early 2019, the largest telecom operator in Ukraine conducted tests of the NB-IoT network - a network specifically designed for "smart" devices. The quality of the Internet of Things network was tested in a special laboratory of Kyivstar on gas and water meters. Successful testing of the network has made it possible to scale the project and start its implementation at customer locations. In particular, business customers of the operator in the Kiev and Odessa regions have already joined the testing of the network at their enterprises.

 « Kyivstar will launch NB-IoT network for clients all over Ukraine. Today it is in demand by businesses of very different directions - suppliers of water, gas, electricity, municipal enterprises, and industry, - commented Yevhen Krashan, director of business development on the corporate market Kyivstar . "And for that, we have all the possibilities, because the NB-IoT network, coupled with 4G connectivity, gives customers even more business opportunities."

Advantages of the NB-IoT network:

  • A high level of data protection is ensured when transmitting information;
  • allows data transfer between tens of thousands of simultaneously connected devices at high speed;
  • ensures the mobility of devices and their operation over a long period of time without connecting to the power grids (one battery charge lasts for several years).

NB-IoT network services may be of interest to not only utilities and industrial companies, but also companies operating in the transport, agricultural, logistics sectors. In addition, you can use the network to create products and services for smart homes, smart cities, smart devices, and more.

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