B67 (700 MHz Suppl. DL)


European 700 SDL

Downlink (MHz)

738 – 758


67336 - 67535

Supported Channel Bandwidths (MHz)

Supplemental DL band - used for downlink-only carrier aggregation.

LTE Channel Widths

The chart below depicts deployed 4G LTE channel bandwidths for this frequency band.

Carrier Aggregation Configurations

There are 1 CA configurations recorded for this LTE frequency band. To search CA bands please use LTE Carrier Aggregation.

Configuration Name CA Type Component Carriers 4G LTE Frequency Bands Max. Aggregated Bandwidth
CA_20A-67A (B20+B67) Inter-band, non-contiguous 2 B20 (800 MHz)
B67 (700 MHz Suppl. DL)
40 MHz

Wireless & Mobile Network Operators

There are 1 mobile and wireless operators using this band. To perform search queries please use the Mobile Network Operators section.


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