B23 (2000 MHz)



Uplink (MHz)

2000 - 2020

Downlink (MHz)

2180 - 2200


25500 - 25699


7500 - 7699

Duplex Spacing (MHz)


Supported Channel Bandwidths (MHz)

Coverage Area (-100 dBm)

103.70 km^2

This band is no longer in use.

Carrier Aggregation Configurations

There are 2 CA configurations recorded for this LTE frequency band. To search CA bands please use LTE Carrier Aggregation.

Configuration Name CA Type Component Carriers 4G LTE Frequency Bands Max. Aggregated Bandwidth
CA_23B (B23+B23) Intra-band, contiguous 2 B23 (2000 MHz) 20 MHz
CA_23A-29A (B23+B29) Inter-band, non-contiguous 2 B23 (2000 MHz)
B29 (700 MHz Suppl. DL)
30 MHz

Wireless & Mobile Network Operators

There are 0 mobile and wireless operators using this band. To perform search queries please use the Mobile Network Operators section.

No networks have been recorded using this frequency band. Our team is working diligently to expand this database, if an error or omission is noticed we appreciate you letting us know.