NII Holdings


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NII Holdings Inc.

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Publicly Traded Company

Company Overview

NII Holdings is a provider of wireless communication services under the Nextel brand in Brazil, with our principal operations located in major urban and suburban centers with high population densities and related transportation corridors of that country where we believe there is a concentration of Brazil’s business users and economic activity, including primarily Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Our company now employs about 3,000 people. Our corporate headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia.

In the second half of 2013, Nextel Brazil commercially launched services on its wideband code division multiple access, or WCDMA, network in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas and extended those services to other areas in Brazil by expanding the coverage of its network and utilizing roaming services and network sharing arrangements pursuant to agreements that it reached with another network operator in Brazil. Nextel Brazil currently offers services supported by its WCDMA network in approximately 260 cities in Brazil. Our WCDMA network enables us to offer a wide range of products and services supported by that technology, including data services provided at substantially higher speeds than can be delivered on our legacy integrated digital enhanced network or iDEN.

Prior to the deployment of our WCDMA network, our services were primarily targeted to meet the needs of business customers. With the deployment of our WCDMA network in Brazil, our target market has shifted to individual consumers who use our services to meet both professional and personal needs. Our target subscribers generally exhibit above average usage, revenue and loyalty characteristics. We believe our target market is attracted to the services and pricing plans we offer, as well as the quality of and data speeds provided by our WCDMA network.

We also offer long-term evolution, or LTE, services in Rio de Janeiro and continue to provide services on our legacy iDEN network throughout various regions in Brazil. Our transition to standards-based technologies such as WCDMA also gives us more flexibility to offer customers the option of purchasing services by acquiring the subscriber identity module, or SIM, cards from us separately, and by providing the customer with the option to use the SIM cards in one or more devices that they acquire from us or from other sources.


The company has 1 subsidiaries operating mobile networks.

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