Vodacom Mozambique launches 4.5G LTE-A network

In 2018 Vodacom renewed its commitment to bring innovative technologies, which allowed the launch of the 4G Network after obtaining the Unified Telecommunications License. It was within this context that in the same year, Vodacom formally announced that after going through a testing phase it became the first Operator to launch the 4G service in Mozambique.

Continuing its purpose, Vodacom begins the year with another technological breakthrough by launching the 4.5G or Advanced LTE Network, technically called the  Carrier Aggregation . This technology allows more users to access ultra-fast speeds and have an excellent data utilization experience.

In an initial phase the 4.5G Network is available in Maputo, Bilene, Ponta do Ouro, Afungi (Palma), Temane (Pande), Moatize (Chipamga). The company expects to bring more than 700 new sites by the end of this year, covering all provincial capitals nationwide.          

The 4.5G is designed to deliver speeds up to three times faster than the current ones. In network test engineering, with the same bandwidth, the speed was 140 Mbps. This new technology allows Vodacom to leverage its distinctive radio spectrum portfolio:

  • At 800 MHz, purchased in December 2018, low frequency spectrum travels longer distances and penetrates buildings more easily, allowing better indoor coverage where most customers often use mobile devices.
  • At 1.8 GHz, high frequency spectrum, suited to smaller, densely populated geographic areas, provides amplified capacity and high speeds.

This technology makes the most of the pairing of the two frequencies offering a more reliable service.

The launch of this innovation responds to Vodacom's research which indicates that its customers value stable, high-speed Internet, especially mid-morning and early evening, which is the peak period for data service demand,  streaming  videos (Youtube, Netflix), multimedia sharing, real-time services (Skype Calling, Imo, Video Conferencing) and file transfer.

According to Mauro Mac-Arthur, Chief Executive Officer of Vodacom's Technical Department, "this smart technology will ensure a better experience in terms of speed for customers using real-time applications when compared to 3G." 

In its strategy of facilitating access to data usage, Vodacom offers more than 200,000 Vodacom Smart E9 this year, the most affordable 4G Smartphone on the market at a price of 2,999MT and can be purchased from its stores and agents throughout the world. the country.

Once again, Vodacom brings a whole new dimension to the lives of Mozambicans, guaranteeing continuity in innovation with the most advanced technologies in the world.

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