Telia Denmark announces first live 5G test

Denmark will soon have its first life test of 5G - this is done with equipment from Nokia on Telenor's and Telia's common mobile network. Both Telenor and Telia have previously tested the mobile technology of the future and with the establishment of the new life test, the two telecom groups will be front runners compared to 5G here in Denmark.

The road to 5G is in full swing. Telenor and Telia, who in 2012 beat their network and established a common network company, now make it possible for the companies' customers to test the technology live. The establishment of the new 5G test will begin in the second quarter.

”The 5G technology opens up with its high capacity, high speeds and faster response time for completely new efficiency and digitization opportunities in the business sector and the public sector for the benefit of the Danes - eg in the healthcare sector, industry and transport. We want to use the test areas to learn more about the possibilities the 5G technology provides, and we are convinced that 5G together with IoT and AI can be a catalyst for innovation in many sectors, ”says Jesper Hansen, CEO of Telenor Denmark.

Telia looks forward to presenting 5G network

“5G is a significant improvement in Denmark's digital infrastructure, and with the establishment of the test areas, we create a dynamic environment that will give us important experiences with the 5G technology. Telia's ambition is to give customers the opportunity to test and evaluate the technologies in practice. We look forward to turning the visions into reality, and to the dialogue with customers about the applications that 5G introduces, ”says Morten Bentzen, CEO of Telia Denmark.

In line with the government's 5G action plan

Testing and locations are currently being planned with Nokia. The test is expected to start in the second quarter. The tests will take place in Telenor and Telia's joint RAN network in Denmark.  

The upcoming 5G tests are well in line with the government's new national 5G action plan. The plan must contribute to bringing Denmark into the forefront with the roll-out and use of 5G and among other things. the possibilities for network sharing must be investigated. The roll-out will take place on market terms, which means that 5G is rolled out where there is a need and demand - eg from municipalities, business areas such as ports and transport centers, hospitals or the like.

Facts about Telia's 5G work

  • In Denmark Telia has carried out a number of demonstrations of 5G based on both end-to-end solutions and the upcoming 5G standards, which come into force from 2020. With a number of 4G demonstrations in Telia's headquarters in Copenhagen, among other authorities and larger corporate customers had the opportunity to have a look into the technological future that is moving faster
  • In December 2018, Telia opened its first network for 5G tests in Norway. Here is tested among other things. Oslo's Odeon cinema, the world's first 5G cinema
  • Telia opened in 2018 Sweden's first 5G network at the technical university KTH in Stockholm. This will lead to several tests of 5G in collaboration with several industries
  • In Finland, in September 2018, Telia launched a pre-commercial 5G network in Helsinki, and the goal is to be able to offer the first commercial services in 2019.