TDC, Huawei test 5G in Denmark

As early as 2017, TDC Group tested mobile Internet at 5G speed, and now TDC Group has again tested fast connections, but this time it is on this final standard that will hang out in the mobile masts in the coming years. The company has also tested the correct frequency provided by the Danish Energy Agency.

"We are very pleased with the course of the test. In TDC Group, we have a great desire and obligation to digitize Denmark, and here 5G is an important and natural step on the road. Therefore, I am delighted that with this test we are at the forefront of developing 5G in Denmark, says Group Strategy Director Lasse Pilgaard.

The 5G has the exciting feature that it utilizes a much larger portion of the frequency bands and therefore allows far higher speed and capacity. Our test is done on the high 3.5 GHz frequency band, but lower frequency bands will also play an important role, why most countries have already started releasing the low 700 MHz frequency band for future 5G usage.

"This is only the first step on a long journey, where we have an ambition to be the leading supplier of 5G in Denmark. This is one of the highest strategic priorities in the Group, so we will be presenting a host of additional tests over the coming years.

Has the capacity and customers

In the test a 1.9 gigabit speed was achieved. Lasse Pilgaard emphasizes the importance of just as much TDC Group as far ahead now.

"TDC accounts for the majority of all network investments in Denmark and will be crucial for rolling out 5G in Denmark. For three consecutive years, we have had Denmark's best mobile network, we have the capacity and customers to make 5G real and we are already in the process of increasing and working with large amounts of data with the roll-out of our NB-IoT network directly on the mobile network, says Lasse Pilgaard.

He expects the TDC Group to establish the first 5G antennas in the mobile network during 2019.


  • TDC Group tests as the first in Scandinavia 5G on the final technological standard.
  • The test has been completed with Huawei, which is also a supplier to TDC Group's mobile network.
  • The speed is 1.9 gigabit per. second and approximately 65 times as high as the average speed in TDC Group's 4G network today.
  • The major advantages of 5G are, by the way, a greatly increased capacity and low latency.
  • The test is performed on a 3.5 GHz frequency band, and the bandwidth of this frequency is 100 MHz. Together with a lower 700 MHz frequency band, it is expected to be the future 5G frequency band across Europe.


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