TDC deploys NB-IoT across Denmark

The country's largest IT and telecom company will give the Internet of Things the ultimate boost so technology can benefit Danes and companies.

Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things. The technology that will bring not only computers and smartphones, but anything else you can imagine on the internet. The refrigerator, bin, bicycle, electricity meter, dog collar or heart rate monitor. IoT has been on its way for a long time, without it having its very big breakthrough. TDC Group will conclude, and therefore, the company has now rolled out an IoT network directly on its existing mobile network, called Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT). The ambition is that it will eventually be nationwide.

- Now it's time. We have a huge advantage as we already have Denmark's best mobile network with 4G to more than 99% of Danes. When we turn it on to IoT, Danes and companies will be able to use IoT devices everywhere - and even mobile IoT devices like cars or personal healthcare equipment could be used locally, explains Andreas Pfisterer, Executive Vice President of TDC Operations, which is responsible for the technical rollout.

In TDC Business, IoT and Smart City solutions have already been developed for a number of years and will continue to develop and test new products for businesses and consumers while the company rolls out NB-IoT.

"As we walk alongside our IoT network, we will step up and we will test the network and its features further, so it will be functional and to the benefit of our customers and partners," says Marina Lønning, Executive Vice President of TDC Profession.

Technological front runner

TDC Erhverv has tested traffic solutions, air quality sensors, intelligent trash cans, smart meters and portable healthcare equipment with different partners. And the results are good.

"In TDC Group, we have the opportunity to be a front runner in this area. Nobody can as efficiently as us do a safe, well-functioning and nationwide NB-IoT network. We feel this is a big responsibility because we want to digitize Denmark, says Marina Lønning.

- Of course, it requires good partners who want to use the network. It is a prerequisite for covering the whole country, but with the possibilities and qualities that the network has, I expect it to give itself. In this way, we will roll out the IoT network to the partners who wish to engage in it.

TDC Group has already covered Greater Copenhagen, and next step is being taken. TDC Group plans nationwide rollout as partners are ready to use the IoT network.

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