Slovakia to auction 1800 MHz spectrum

The Office for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RÚ) has published in its Journal and at its web site a call for tenders for the issue of individual licenses for the use of frequencies from the 1800 MHz frequency band by electronic auction. In this tender, 18 blocks of free frequencies are offered, representing a total of 2 × 9.0 MHz from the 1800 MHz frequency band for the whole territory of the Slovak Republic. Through these frequencies, operators will provide public electronic communications services to end users, using the GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiMAX and IoT systems.

The only evaluation criterion is the amount of lump sum offered for the allocation of frequencies. The opening price for the 2 x 5 MHz frequency block is EUR 1,800,000.00, for the frequency block of 2 x 0.8 MHz the value of EUR 288,000.00 and for the frequency blocks 2 x 0.2 MHz is EUR 72,000.00.

The tender must be delivered to the RU's office in person or by post no later than 13:30 h until 09.05.2018. Tenders submitted to this tender must contain all the details required under the invitation to tender and a cash security of EUR 1 000 000,00 must be paid (credited to the designated office of the Office) until the closing date for the submission of tenders. The purpose of the pecuniary guarantee is to prevent such a tenderer from taking part in the tendering procedure, which would lead to a loss of purpose or the conduct of the selection procedure. The RU does not provide information on the course or the tenders submitted until the end of the selection procedure.


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