Oi and Huawei upgrade 4.5G network, demonstrate 5G in Brazil

  • Fiber Optic Deployment Provides Up to 200 Megabit Internet and IPTV Access
  • 4.5G technology perfects and extends mobile data coverage and opens the way for 5G arrival
  • Operator performs in Búzios 5G demonstration, anticipating the most modern in the world

Rio de Janeiro, March 22, 2019 - Oi and Huawei have begun activating new services that are changing the experience of mobile phone connection and Internet use for customers, business establishments and regulars from Búzios, a municipality in the Região dos Lagos , in Rio de Janeiro. Since the end of 2018, the city has mobile coverage with 4.5G technology and access to fiber optic internet broadband to the customer's home (FTTH) through the Oi Fibra product, which allows navigation speeds ranging from 50 Mega to 200 Mega and allows access to Oi TV over the Internet (IPTV).

"We are transforming the experience of those who are in Búzios, promoting a significant improvement in the quality of telecommunications services offered to consumers in this location. We are talking about high performance internet connection, with signal quality and very high speed. It is a robust project, which until April 2019 will be available for about 90% of the homes in the case of fiber optics, which also includes the modernization of the mobile network with 4.5G technology and is already preparing to receive the 5G when this technology is available in Brazil, " says Eurico Teles, president of Oi.

"The equipment of Huawei installed by Oi in Búzios is state-of-the-art and will help our customers to experience high-speed connectivity and superior connectivity on the internet. Our role as Oi's partner and supplier is to provide innovative, modern and cost-effective equipment and solutions from a business point of view. We have been in Brazil for 20 years promoting digital transformation and enabling all regions to have quality in data traffic over the mobile and fixed network. We believe in Brazil and we have the premise of helping the country to be 100% connected ", comments Yao Wei, president of Huawei in Brazil.

Experience with 5G technology: the most modern in the world

To mark the initiative in Búzios, Oi set up in Ferradura Square, in the Center of the city, an environment in partnership with Huawei for demonstrations of 5G technology, anticipating to the public what is the most modern in the world in transmission technology data, which is not yet available in Brazil.

In the 5G demonstration, the visitor can connect to another person in the same environment, visualizing their respective holographies through virtual reality glasses. The experience will be available to visitors in the space created by Oi. On the spot, the public will also be able to experience the Oi Fibra fiber optic internet service in an exclusive gaming environment. Oi's goal is to provide the most innovative connectivity experience.

Service Hi Fiber and 4.5G technology with network already prepared for 5G

For the deployment of fiber optics, Oi used the competitive differential of high capillarity and robustness of its network of more than 350 thousand km of existing fiber to accelerate the offer of internet services with great stability and of very high speed, that lead to fiber (FTTH), which also allows access to Internet TV using IPTV technology. The IPTV service brings a new proposal for pay-TV, much more interactive; TV Anytime Anywhere: Through Oi Play, users can access content on tablets, smartphones and PCs. The technology also offers a number of features that make TV a much more complete and attractive service for the various consumer profiles. With IPTV, users can have access to videos on demand (VOD), watch out-of-hours programming,

The expansion of the company's fiber optic network in cities is done strategically, in a targeted manner and in accordance with market demand. The large 350,000 km extension of its network, which passes through more than 2,000 municipalities, also allows Oi to have more precision and cost efficiency in the implementation of the services. In addition to Búzios, the service is available in 32 other Brazilian cities. They are: Manaus (AM), Salvador (BA), Fortaleza (CE), Goiânia (GO), Aparecida de Goiânia (GO), Belo Horizonte (MG), Pouso Alegre (MG), Divinópolis (MG), Montes Claros (MG), Varginha (MG), Vespasiano (MG), Ubá (MG), Betim (MG), Recife (PE), Olinda ), Duque de Caxias (RJ), Vilar dos Teles (RJ), Niterói (RJ), Petrópolis (RJ), São Gonçalo (RJ), Cabo Frio (RJ), Teresópolis

"Oi is implementing a new model to expand the FTTH fiber network and modernize its mobile network for 4.5G services across all frequencies, with the gradual reduction of the use of 2G and 3G technologies. Oi will also leave its mobile network ready to serve the Internet solutions of Things and also for the activation of 5G when this technology is available in the country. It is important to reinforce that Oi already has an FTTH network in 33 cities and a 4.5G network in 25 cities, and that through its large capacity and high capillary fiber optic transport network is the operator capable of transporting data traffic nationally of high-speed, either FTTH or 4.5G / 5G network, with quality, " explains José Cláudio Moreira Gonçalves, Operations Director of Oi.

Offers for different consumer profiles, with ultra high speed internet

"Oi has a strategy to always be very close to its customers to identify what they want most in telecommunications services and this proximity becomes a competitive advantage of the company. We are constantly working on developing complete offers that are compatible with the consumer's pocket. The operator is taking to Búzios special offers to mark the launch of its 4.5G fiber optic network, " says Bernardo Winik, commercial director of Oi.

Oi Fibra has offers for different consumer profiles. The customer that hired the service in Búzios, in addition to receiving internet with speed of up to 100 Mega, will receive three months of Netflix subscription, unlimited landline for any operator in Brazil and Oi WiFi modem. The price is R $ 74.90 / month (price valid for 12 months) + 12x of R $ 25,00 of the activation fee.

Oi also provides TV through Fiber (IPTV) technology in the Hi Total combos. In addition to 100 Mega broadband internet, three months of Netflix subscription, unlimited landline for any operator in Brazil, the client also takes the benefits of pay-TV with up to 192 channels, 30 thousand titles to access via Oi Play, possibility of recording, back and forward programming, faster channel exchange, among other applications, with values ​​starting at R $ 204.90 per month.

In mobile telephony, the operator offers the Oi Mais plan, which offers offers for various user profiles. Highlights include 15GB of internet to use as you wish, unlimited voice minutes (using prefix 14 or 31), and free Internet franchise access to social networking applications Facebook (upload / view photos and videos, update in the user news feed and live video streaming) and Instagram (all content coming from the platform, such as uploading / viewing photos and videos, publishing / viewing stories, sending / viewing messages by Instagram Direct and viewing content posted on IGTV) and Messenger and WhatsApp messages (both for messaging: audio, video, photo, text), all for $ 99.90 per month. The client can even include up to 4 dependents for $ 39.90 monthly each and share with them the unlimited voice minutes and their internet franchise. In addition, through Oi Play, customers have access to content from the Oi, Watch ESPN, Noggin and Discovery Kids On channels anytime, anywhere, through an Internet-connected device.

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