Mtel demonstrates 5G for first time in Bulgaria

Mtel, part of the A1 Group, showed for the first time in our country 5G technology of a special event, including a high-speed test of 5G, VR experiment and balancing industrial robots. During the demonstration, a rate above 2 Gbps was measured, which is more than 10 times higher than that at 4G. The VR experiment presented streaming content with 4K resolution without any delay. With the help of special robots that balance the ball on a flat surface, a low lag of about 1 millisecond was projected, which is achieved in a 5G network.

An important goal of 5G networks is to reduce connection delay to enable real-time applications. The time for information exchange between autonomous cars or robots, for example, will be about a millisecond in order for them to become an integral part of our lives.

It is expected that the 5G standard will be set by the end of the year, and Mtel is ready to implement the technology as soon as there are devices that support it and the necessary frequencies are available. This new way of communication will lead to a significant increase in internet speed in mobile networks of over 10 Gbps. 5G will unify all existing standards and allow the development of future technologies - related mobility, digital medicine and intelligent factories.

Mtel is part of the A1 Group, a member of the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) alliance, which includes the world's largest mobile operators and sets standards for next-generation mobile networks. A1 Group will play a leading role in the standardization of future 5G technology.

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