Elisa, Huawei achieve world's first 1.9 Gbps 4G LTE network in Finland

A new world record was set in Finland in August when Elisa and Huawei achieved a speed of 1.9 Gbit/s in the 4G test network. In the future, high-speed connections will be required for purposes such as the steadily growing use of virtual reality applications.

Elisa has become the first operator in the world to reach 1.9 Gbit/s in the 4G network. The world record was set using Huawei's latest 4G technology.

“This new speed record is a step towards the 5G network and also an excellent indication of all the opportunities the 4G network still has to offer. The speeds that the 4G network offers are continuously increasing and, possibly in the next few years, we will even be able to offer mobile data connections of several gigabits per second to our customers,” says Sami Komulainen, vice president of mobile network services at Elisa.

Currently, the maximum speed in Elisa's network is 450 Mbit/s, and the fastest available mobile broadband subscription offers speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s.

“A speed of almost two gigabits may seem unheard-of, and many people are wondering if such speeds are even needed in everyday use. However, there will be more and more demand for high-speed connections in the future as, for example, 360-degree videos and virtual reality applications become more popular,” Komulainen says.

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