China pushes NB-IoT

China has been a leader in the network construction, launching, innovation of NB-IoT, Wen Ku, Director of Department of Communications Development of MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China) said at the NB-IoT Summit on Monday.

Paying great attention to the NB-IoT industry, MIIT has set the plan and issued a series of documents.

The NB-IoT connect is estimated to represent over a half of the total IoT connections. Global operators, manufacturers and IoT companies are actively developing NB-IoT widely attracting.

Network Construction

China's three major state-run carriers have started the network construction and business promotion of NB-IoT.

China Telecom will complete the upgrade of 310,000 base stations and achieve NB-loT whole network deployment this year; China Mobile plans to build more than 140,000 base stations during the year; China Unicom has also conducted commercial network construction in a number of cities.

Mr. Wen said we still face many challenges when developing NB-loT. For instance, equipment, module-related standards need to be further improved, network and information security should be strengthened.

In addition, he also advocated insisting on innovation.

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