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Wataniya Palestine Mobile Telecommunication Company PSC

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Publicly Traded Company

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3G UMTS Frequency Bands

Company Overview

Wataniya Mobile Palestine was established in 2007 as a partnership between the Kuwaiti Wataniya Group and the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) with ownership stakes of 57% and 43% respectively. In January 2011, Wataniya Mobile Palestine successfully completed a public listing of its shares on the Palestine Exchange (PEX) with stock code WATANIYA. The company is majority owned and controlled by Ooredoo through the Wataniya Group.

The company operates 2G GSM services over 900 and 1800 MHz, providing EDGE/GPRS data, with services initially limited to West Bank but expanded to cover the Gaza Strip in October 2017.

Interim peace accords stipulate that Israel has final say regarding spectrum assignments, with an agreement reached in November 2015 regarding the provision of 10 MHz paired spectrum in the 2100 MHz band for Palestinian 3G services for each of the two carriers. Wataniya is reported to have activated 3G UMTS over the B1 (2100 MHz) band in January 2018.

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