n261 (28 GHz)

5G Band Name

US 28 GHz

Duplex Mode

Operating Band (MHz)

275000 to 28350 MHz


2070833 to 2084999

Supported Channel Bandwidths

50 100 200 400 MHz


The n261 band is a subset of the n257 (28 GHz) band, established to match the United States' 28 GHz band plan. Development of the 28 GHz band is ongoing and is headed up by 3GPP TR 38.815. Like all mmWave bands, n261 is a capacity layer designed for short range transmission with high data rates.

Most trials and deployments of the n261 (28 GHz) band were as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), until mmWave mobility was introduced in early 2019.

5G Channel Widths

The chart below shows 5G NR channel bandwidths for this frequency band. Data includes networks in Trial, Build-Out, and Active status.

5G NR Mobile Network Operators

There are 1 Mobile Network Operators recorded using this 5G frequency band. To perform search queries please use the Mobile Network Operators section.

5G Status: Active
Evolution: NR (Standard)
Channel Bandwidth: 400 MHz
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