HBR offers a complete suite of consultancy services, accessible on an individual basis or combined; including research, advice, design, testing, brokerage, and supply. Available across a comprehensive range of technologies and encapsulating all wireless components, HBR’s services assist clients to realise manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies.

Services provided to our clients are categorised into the below key areas, follow one of the below links to find out more.

Many antenna manufacturers do not follow a common standard when designing, during the production process, or when compiling supporting documentation. Our company's antenna testing service is an impartial consultation that enables clients to conduct a side-by-side comparison of the actual performance of antennas that is independent from manufacturer supplied, and often inconsistent, datasheets.

Our firm works closely with a network of hundreds manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe to deliver world class wireless telecommunications products. While specialising in cellular and IoT antenna supply, our supply chain spans across all physical RF components and frequency bands.

Clients can face scenarios where it may be advantageous to have a custom antenna designed in order to meet the application’s requirements rather than to adopt an existing product. This may be because existing antennas have inferior performance in a particular area (such as gain achieved at a certain operating frequency, poor efficiency, high VSWR, etc.) or that the costs associated with deployi

Wireless communication is a complex and continuously evolving industry that requires highly specialised equipment made to exacting specifications, a fact that becomes ever more fortified as operators adopt new technology standards dictating the requirement of custom designed or precision network hardware.

Satisfying engineering requirements and budgetary constraints by ensuring that equipment suitable is matched to application is a challenge even the best operators in the business contend with. Our research team works to provide clients with standardised, comparable, and quality information; cutting through the fog and ensuring operators are investing capital in the right places.