Female Body

Male Body


50 Ω

Maximum Operating Frequency

11.00 GHz

Coupling Mechanism

"Threaded Neill-Concelman". Designed as a screw-on version of BNC connector, TNC connectors have a 7/16 - 28 UNEF threaded coupling providing excellent vibration handling. Widely used due to electrical performance and mechanical durability. TNC series has a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω, however it is important to note that 75 Ω variations while uncommon do exist and are identifiable by the reduced amount of dielectric inside the interface.

While performance up to 11 GHz is possible with precision designs, typically commercial manufacturers will set a maximum operating frequency of 3 to 6 GHz.

Interface Standards

  • MIL-PRF-39012
  • IEC 60169-17
  • CECC 22200
  • DIN EN 122200