2.92 mm (K)

Female Body

Male Body


50 Ω

Maximum Operating Frequency

40.00 GHz

Coupling Mechanism

Interface Standards

The 2.92 mm connector is a pin and socket type connector that uses an air dielectric filled interface that assures mode free operation up to 40 GHz. It is also known as the Type K connector. The connector interfaces mechanically with 3.5 mm and SMA connectors, however the junction introduces a discontinuity which must be accounted for. Compared to the 3.5 mm and SMA connectors, the 2.92 mm connector has a shorter pin that allows the outer conductor alignment before the pin encounters the socket contact when mating a connector pair. The connector is therefore less prone to damage in industrial use. The design has been introduced as an open standard under the IEEE 287 Precision Connector Standards Committee.


Anritsu (then Wiltron) during the development of a broadband automated scalar network analyser system for measurements from DC to 40 GHz introduced the 2.92 mm connector in a paper at the 1983 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Boston and later published the work. The K connector development was led at Wiltron by Bill Oldfield and several improvements were made, including shortening the male pin to prevent connector damage and creating a novel microstrip launcher design.


The connector has a more heavy duty construction than standard SMA connectors and often finds its use in more demanding laboratory test equipment, aerospace, SATCOM, and military communications systems. The 2.92 mm series has compatible interfacing with both the SMA and 3.5 mm RF connectors.


There are no accepted variations of this RF connector.

Male Dimensions Female Dimensions
2.92mm precision RF connector male plug CAD drawing


2.92mm precision RF connector female socket CAD drawing


Code Min (mm) Max (mm) Code Min (mm) Max (mm)
A 6.480 6.730 A 5.230 5.440
B 4.521 4.592 B 4.600 4.650
C 2.908 2.934 C 2.908 2.934
D - 3.350 D 1.910 1.960
E 3.810 4.320 E 0.000 0.130
F 0.510 1.020 F 0.510 1.020
G 0.914 0.935 G 5.540 -
H 1.140 1.400 H - 6.337
J 0.000 0.130