Halberd Bastion facilitates vendor neutral component acquisitions that support the evolution of the radio communications industry, ensuring that our clients are able to match the pace of wireless technology development.

Complementing the complete range of consultation services offered by the firm, many standard off-the-shelf products are catalogued here for consideration. The products and brand lines represented here is in no way comprehensive or exhaustive; Halberd Bastion’s global supply chain has an expanding network of over 140 individual manufacturers.

Request for Quote and Tender opportunities are located here. Submit a purchasing request, or browse open tenders in this section. The tendering portal is restricted to registered vendors, manufacturers, and clients.

Halberd Bastion maintain the worlds largest network of antenna manufacturers, both well-known brands and OEM factories. A selection of both popular and hard-to-find antennas are exhibited here for your consideration.

With access to any brand and manufacturer across the globe our firm can meet your RF adapter request no matter how challenging - from off-the-shelf, to intricate custom designs, to custom milled and moulded.

Our firm has access to the most comprehensive range of RF connectors; spanning the cost effective for mass consumption, to precision laboratory, hermetically sealed, thermovac, and outgassing compliant for aerospace applications.

With access to any brand and manufacturer across the globe our firm can supply an unmatched portfolio of RF transmission cables and cable assemblies.