Our team have undertaken the tremendous task of developing arguably the most comprehensive mobile telecoms research platform on the web.

We set out to digitally construct an ecosystem of 'objects' which each represent a real-life entity such as a mobile network, company, country, or person, along with more abstract conceptual entities like news articles, and technical attributes such as modulation schemes and frequency bands. When digitally represented, each object becomes a node which can form relationships with other nodes based on their interactions.

This process allows us to model complex systems in a logical and relational manner, allowing us to stratify and display easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and statistics based on live datasets.

interconnecting nodes geographically

In the fast-paced world of wireless communications, keeping this system up-to-date is no simple task. We're constantly working as new information comes to hand, and appreciate your understanding and patience while we continue to develop these data. As we would like to continue offering this as a free service to the international community, your support and contributions are very much welcomed.

Intelligence Datasets

Information, network deployment, research, articles, and resources relating to mobile network operators across the globe.

A repository for company information, network characteristics, research, articles, and resources relating to telecommunications companies that operate an IoT network.

This section provides access to market intelligence resources on individual countries, sovereign nations, and disputed territories.

Company information and resources relating to well-known vendors who develop and manufacture wireless components.

A repository for company information and resources relating to companies who develop telecommunications electronics, networks, wireless protocols, concepts, and equipment.

A centralised repository for company information, research, articles, and resources relating to telecommunications groups and international conglomerates.

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