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Africell Holding SAL

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Company Overview

Africell was established in 2001 in Africa and has been shaped by traditional African values, putting the communities in our markets at the heart and soul of our business. The company is a subsidiary of the Lebanon-based Lintel Group of Companies.

Africell is one of the fastest-growing mobile telecommunications operators in Africa. We have established ourselves as the number one provider in Gambia and Sierra Leone and are rapidly growing our newer operations in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Uganda, where we purchased Orange Uganda.

Africell Holding owns 100% of Africell’s operations in Gambia, Sierra Leone, DRC, and 98.99% of Africell Uganda. The total number of active subscribers reached 11 million by end of 2016. All four operations offer voice and 3G data services with plans to deploy LTE services, which are already available in Kampala, Uganda.

Our tremendous entrepreneurial energy emanating from every level of the organization has made us the number 1 brand across all categories in Gambia and Sierra Leone, and is propelling us to achieve similar positions in Uganda and DRC where we are already known as the people’s network - “le réseau du peuple”.

Our portfolio now spans West, Central, and East Africa; and Africell Holding continues its ambitious expansion plans by targeting two additional operations, whether by acquisition or through a greenfield approach before 2018.