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Orange Moldova S.A.

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Company Overview

Orange is the largest mobile carrier operating in Moldova. The company began operations in February 1998, launching its first service in October of that year. Initially Voxtel, the company was purchased by France Telecom in April 2006, rebranding to Orange Moldova by April 2007. The company is a majority owned subsidiary of French international telecommunications operator Orange Group, who have a presence in 29 countries and markets across the globe.

The company operates a 2G GSM network on 900 and 1800 MHz, and has provided 3G services over B1 (2100 MHz) since 2008. Orange Moldova launched 4G LTE services in November 2012 over B7 (2600 MHz), with a 20 MHz channel width. After securing additional spectrum in the November 2015 auction, Orange added B20 (800 MHz) to launch LTE-A with carrier aggregation of B7 with a new B20 (800 MHz) service. Despite holding 25 MHz of 1800 MHz spectrum, no B3 (1800 MHz) LTE service has been formally declared.