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Petra Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Company

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Orange Jordan is the second largest of the three mobile carriers operating in Jordan. The company began operations in 1999 then as Jordan Telecom, branded as MobiCom, launching its services in September 2000. Jordan Telecom was 60% state owned, and 40% majority held by France Telecom (now Orange), and Arab Bank. MobiCom was rebranded in 2007 as Orange Jordan, streamlining branding across Orange Group's 29 subsidiaries.

Orange Jordan forms the backbone of the Kingdom’s ICT sector, carrying the flag behind His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision of turning Jordan into a regional hub for ICT by delivering innovative and advanced IT and telecommunications solutions to meet the aspirations and essentials of individual and enterprise customers nationwide. As a result, the company currently ranks as the strongest provider of fast internet in the market and resolutely continues to move forward in its endeavors to invest in the future of the country and its people by introducing the most advanced technologies and enhancing the country’s physical infrastructure to make these technologies a viable reality.

Orange Jordan provides leading, integrated telecommunications throughout the Kingdom, offering individuals and enterprises a vast portfolio of fixed, mobile, and internet services. The company especially focuses on providing unmatched connectivity to all of its customers through its latest endeavours into Next Generation Networks (NGNs), which include LTE, LTE Cat-M1, NB-IoT, Fiber-To-The Home (FTTH), Fiber-To-The-Business (FTTB), and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem).

The company operates a 2G GSM network on 900 MHz, and has provided 3G services over B1 (2100 MHz) since March 2010, a first for the country. Orange Jordan launched 4G LTE services in May 2016 over B3 (1800 MHz), with a 10 MHz channel width.

Following the acquisition of 2 x 10 MHz block of 2600 MHz spectrum, Orange Jordan activated its LTE-A Pro (4G+) network in January 2018, combining its existing B3 (1800 MHz) network with B7 (2600 MHz) and launching CA_3A-7A aggregation, along with 256QAM modulation to provide data rates up to 250 Mbps.

3G UMTS Network Information

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