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MVM Net Ltd.

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State/Government Owned



4G LTE Frequency Bands

Company Overview

MVM NET is a telecommunications service provider operating in Hungary. MVM NET, a subsidiary of state-owned electrical infrastructure provider MVM Group, was registered in March 2012 but has telecommunications activity dates back to the 60s, originating from their support of the electrical power system management activities. Utilising the free capacity of its telecommunications backbone network, provides telecommunications services to its government and business clients.

In partnership with Huawei, the company began deployment a 4G LTE network in September 2015 using the B31 (450 MHz) band, with national coverage achieved in March 2016. The network is primarily focused towards government clients.

4G LTE Network Information

Details on LTE network deployments are shown below. Data are often incomplete due to commercial nature. Consult dossier text for further details.

Evolution Status Active [Launched 2016-03]
Max. MIMO Max. Modulation
Carrier Aggregation - Features -
LTE BandChannel WidthStatus
5 MHz Active

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