FLOW Cayman Islands

FLOW Cayman Islands

Company Name

Cable and Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd

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Ownership/Controlling Entity



3G UMTS Frequency Bands

4G LTE Frequency Bands

Company Overview

FLOW Cayman Islands operates as a subsidiary of Cable & Wireless Communications Ltd, a UK based telecommunications multinational which has been purchased by Liberty Global (NASDAQ: LILAK). The FLOW brand operates in 13 markets in the Caribbean region.

The company operates 2G services over 850 / 1900 MHz bands, and 3G services on B5 (850 MHz). FLOW Cayman Islands launched a B17 (700 MHz) LTE network in December 2013 to provide 4G services to the islands, later upgrading to LTE-A adding B2 (1900 MHz) in August 2016.