Eviatis (Djibouti Telecom)

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Company Name

Djibouti Telecom SA

Ownership Type

Privately Held
State/Government Owned



3G UMTS Frequency Bands

Company Overview

Djibouti Telecom, branded as Evatis, is the sole mobile carrier operating in Djibouti. The company was formed in September 1999 following the privatisation and merger of the Telecommunications Service of the Office of Post and Telecommunications (OPT) and the International Telecommunications Company of Djibouti (STID).

The company launched 2G GSM services over the 900 MHz band in December 2001, following with its 3G UMTS network in 2011. The network was later upgraded to HSPA+ in December 2012, marketed as 3G+. In March 2016 the company announced the testing of 4G LTE at ten sites across the country, however the service is yet to be formally activated.