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Bragg Communications Inc.

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Eastlink Wireless is a mobile carrier operating in the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The company was founded in February 2013 as a subsidiary of Eastlink, a Canadian family-owned and operated telecommunications company. Eastlink’s services include High Speed Internet, Eastlink Stream, TV Channel Exchange, Wireless, Data, Managed WiFi, Winston Security and Automation, competitive local and long distance telephone services, and exclusive locally-produced programming via Eastlink TV.

The company launched 3G UMTS (HSPA+) and 4G LTE services over B4 (1700 MHz) in February 2013. After securing additional spectrum Eastlink launched B13 (700 MHz) LTE services in mid-2016. As an Atlantic Canadian operator Eastlink augments its own mobile infrastructure with several partnership agreements to provide nationwide coverage.