Internet of Things Solution Deployment Gains Momentum Among Firms Globally

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Forrester Consulting’s Report Can Be Downloaded Here.

Forrester Consulting ( provides independent technology and market research.  The report presented was commissioned by Zebra Technologies and the information gathered via an online survey of IT decision makers from 593 global firms.  The industries covered retail, manufacturing, consumer products, transportation, healthcare, government, oil/gas, and hospitality.  The report shows that IoT deployment is widespread with many firms, in many geographical regions, and in many market spaces already using IoT in a range of applications.

The four primary findings from the global study were:

  1. Global firms recognize the transformational role of IoT solutions.  In excess of 80% of the firms surveyed agreed that IoT is going to be the most significant strategic initiative for their organisation in 10 years.  The main reasons that organisations deploy IoT is to tackle strategic, operational and business challenges.
  2. There is strong IoT solution deployment momentum among global firms.  Close to 65% of firms have already deployed or are in the process of deploying IoT solutions.  This can be broken down into approximately 25% which have IoT solutions in place and 40% currently implementing IoT solutions.  Asia Pacific is leading the charge with over 70% of firms with some IoT programs in place, attributed to the rapid construction of new cities and state of the art infrastructure in APAC.  52% and 60% of European and North American firms respectively are at the same stage of deployment.
  3. Wi-Fi, real-time location tracking, and security sensors are important elements of IoT solutions.  A huge 83% of the firms surveyed acknowledged that Wi-Fi infrastructure and location tracking technology are important components to IoT solutions.  80% also agreed that sensor technology for monitoring assets and the surrounding environment was also important.
  4. Organisations can achieve a wide range of business benefits from IoT solution deployment.  The top benefits identified by global firms were; improved customer experience, supply chain optimisation, visibility and loss prevention.  Enhancing supply chain processes will lead to improved business processes efficiencies, reduce working capital and, locate assets.