Inside the Internet of Things (IoT)

This information is presented to allow clients to determine if the publication’s content is relevant, Halberd Bastion advocates reading the 54-page report in its entirety. Deloitte University Press’s Report Can Be Downloaded Here.

Research and advisory firm Deloitte ( regularly publishes reports based from information gathered throughout its professional organisation services via the Deloitte University.  The report presented is intended as a technical primer on the technologies driving the IoT and is ideal for managers who are eager to deploy IoT capabilities in their strategies to gain a general understanding of the technology.

The report structure follows the various stages of Deloitte’s ‘Information Value Loop’ including; sensors, networks, standards, augmented intelligence and augmented behaviour.  Each of the sections has an overview of the respective IoT technology detailing the forces propelling it and the hurdles it must overcome to achieve widespread adoption.

This introduction to IoT can be used as a concise technology reference for managers as they explore IoT solutions and make strategic plans for implementation.