DHL: Internet of Things in Logistics

This information is presented to allow clients to determine if the publication’s content is relevant, Halberd Bastion advocates reading the 29-page report in its entirety. DHL’s Report Can Be Downloaded Here

DHL ( is the world’s largest internationally operating logistics company and, together with Cisco, has released this trend report on how the Internet of Things is affecting the logistics industry.

IoT’s impact on all aspects of life will have huge implications and particularly for the business of logistics which is currently going through a unique technology transition that already utilises 15 billion connected devices up to around 50 billion by 2020.  This will provide unprecedented transparency into operations from the embedded sensor technology and advanced analytics that, ultimately, culminate in all new sources of value.  Data from IoT will transform logistics operator’s decision making including; how goods are stored, monitored, routed, serviced and delivered to customers.

In addition to the immediate value presented to current operations, the extreme proliferation of IoT through homes, work environments, cities and through wearable/personal devices creates business opportunities that are hidden and yet to be realised.

Three main topics relating to how IoT will affect logistics covered in this report are:

  1. What is the Internet of Things, and why is it a big deal?
  2. What are some of the leading practices and applications of IoT that are generating value across sectors?
  3. What are some of the key use cases for IoT in the logistics industry specifically, and what will be their implications?

The report reiterates DHL’s belief in the potential of IoT to change business processes spanning the entire breadth of the supply chain.