n7 (2600 MHz)

5G Band Name


Duplex Mode

Uplink (MHz)

2500 to 2570 MHz

Downlink (MHz)

2620 to 2690 MHz


500001 to 513999


524001 to 537999

Duplex Spacing

120 MHz

Supported Channel Bandwidths

5 10 15 20 MHz

Channel bandwidth of 5 MHz only supported with SCS of 15 kHz.

5G Channel Widths

The chart below shows 5G NR channel bandwidths for this frequency band. Data includes networks in Trial, Build-Out, and Active status.

5G NR Mobile Network Operators

There are 1 Mobile Network Operators recorded using this 5G frequency band. To perform search queries please use the Mobile Network Operators section.

5G Status: Active
Evolution: NR (Standard)
Channel Bandwidth: 20 MHz, 50 MHz
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