RF Coverage Modelling & Planning

Through our R-Spectrum team, we help our clients visualise and understand mobile signal issues by offering a range of radio frequency modelling services for 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, and 5G NR cellular technologies. The first step to solving any problem is to understand the problem. Certainly this sentiment rings true in the world of wireless communications where unlike many problems a project may face, electromagnetic signal cannot be seen, heard, nor touched.

Rapid Determination of Project Feasibility

Mobile technologies are often used in ‘last mile’ connectivity scenarios due to the flexibility that they offer and cost effectiveness presented when compared to traditional wired communications. Of course the reality of establishing wireless connectivity often involves operating in challenging terrain environments, and amongst dense vegetation and buildings.

Radio modelling software allows us to build a digital simulation of the terrain, vegetation, tower locations, detailing every element down to individual antenna patterns and transmission cable types. We digitally deconstruct and reverse-engineer every component of the radio access network in order to develop highly accurate coverage predictions. We construct visual models as small as a single project location, to entire countries.

Data are intuitive and easy to understand by even those from a non-technical background, with straight forward colour-coding of expected signal strengths and coverage areas. Advanced modelling can predict data speeds, network capacity, simulate load, and more.

Comprehensive radio planning capabilities allow our clients to quickly determine the scale and feasibility of new radio links and/or the expected coverage of networks, saving valuable resources and allowing them to determine the correct course of action.

Sub-600 & IoT Coverage Analysis

We also conduct a range of UHF signal modelling studies for government, mining, and broadcast entities. We use industry leading radio planning tools to provide power level analysis in visual heat-map form, which can then be loaded into ordinary GIS tools such as Google Earth. IoT, LPWAN, and UHF coverage planning can be conducted for any location globally.


To provide the most accurate predictions available, we use a combination of industry leading software, high precision digital elevation models, and landcover data. The following prediction toolsets are in use:

  • Okumura-Hata, ITM, COST-231-Hata, ECC33, SUI, Ericsson 9999, and Egli VHF/UHF
  • Landcover and building obstruction datasets.


As a continent stepping past legacy copper networks and moving straight into high speed wireless connectivity, we work extensively in Africa. We've built radio models for countries right across the globe, and have proudly helped several small island nations build their first 4G mobile networks.

If tower data are available we can build coverage models for any location on earth. If no information is available our team can travel to site to conduct a field audit and develop a model through measurement.

About R-Spectrum

R-Spectrum provides field technical services throughout Australia, Pacific, and developing regions throughout the globe. Specialising in high speed and long range communication systems, R-Spectrum leverage emerging 4G LTE and 5G NR technologies to deliver eyebrow-raising voice and data connections to even the most isolated locations.

Operating as a business unit within the Halberd Bastion group, we are a small team of technicians experienced in technologies ranging from 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G, packet microwave, sub-6 GHz point to multipoint, all the way through to PLC / Modbus / RS485 / C programming. We're regularly engaged to deliver mobile phone voice and data services to remote and regional areas within Australia using a range of small-scale repeater technologies integrated into quick-deployable tripod, trailer, and balloon systems.

More information: https://r-spectrum.com.au

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