Antenna Testing - Electrical Performance

Knowledge is fundamentally critical during procurement and arguably there is no major industry in greater need of clarity than wireless telecommunications. Ambiguity in antenna specifications resulting from a lack of reporting standards can make it difficult for RF engineers and supply chain managers to compare equipment between various vendors. All seasoned operators have experienced challenges arising from the misinformation that is presented on many unscrupulous manufacturer datasheets. HBR’s antenna testing services are invaluable to clients as our comprehensive test reports enables our clientele to make accurate, hard-hitting decisions regarding wireless infrastructure procurement.

In addition to specific test items requested by the client the typical antenna testing parameters include:

The evaluation of antenna electrical parameters can differ significantly by antenna type, usage, and size. To cater for such differing requirements, our test facilities include a range of anechoic chambers, outdoor microwave test ranges, vehicle drive-testing, among others. Our comprehensive facilities permit the testing of the following antenna types:

  • Indoor/In-Building
  • Terminal/CPE - passive & active
  • GPS - passive & active
  • Omnidirectional Base Station
  • Directional Panel/Sectoral
  • Yagi
  • Electrically adjustable
  • Camouflage
  • Beamforming/Smart Antenna Systems
  • Vehicle antenna drive-testing
  • Microwave, all diameters.

To ensure consistency of electrical performance reports HBR tests antennas against the following standards:

  • YD/T1059-2004 (Mobile Communication System Base Station Antenna Technical Specifications)
  • YD/T1710.1-2007 (TD-SCDMA Digital Cellular Mobile Communication Network Smart Antenna)
  • ETSI EN 302 085 (Fixed Radio Systems, Point-to-Multipoint Antennas)
  • ETSI EN 302 217-4-1 (System-Dependent Requirements for Antennas)
  • ETSI EN 302 217-4-2 (Antennas)
  • IEC 62037-6 (Measurement of Passive Intermodulation in Antennas)
  • NGMN BASTA (Recommendation on Base Station Antenna Standards)
  • Alternate specifications per client’s request

HB Radiofrequency also provides Mechanical Survivability and Material Analysis testing services and reports for antennas.