Hardware Procurement

Our firm works closely with a network of hundreds manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe to deliver world class wireless telecommunications products. While specialising in cellular and IoT antenna supply, our supply chain spans across all physical RF components and frequency bands.

  • OEM and ODM manufacturing of antennas, cables, ancillaries, and CPE products
  • Microwave antennas, OMT's, waveguides
  • Armoured RF cabling
  • Base station and broadcast antennas
  • Passive RF components, such as attenuators, loads, couplers, filters
  • NATO military antennas and components
  • CASA aviation approved and aerospace components

A select range of standard off-the-shelf products and our OEM products can be accessed using our online catalogue, available under the Marketplace Section.

Our procurement facilities allow clients to use us as a cross-trade entity for goods which greatly reduces their risk exposure, especially during international transactions. Exposure to foreign currency fluctuations is hedged, product quality risks are transparent, conflicts of interest minimised and supply chain responsibility and regulatory compliance obligations are fulfilled.

It is important to note that our company is Vendor Neutral, granting us with certain privileges during negotiations with suppliers. By brokering RF procurement transactions, we bequeath a competitive advantage for our clients through the exceptional relationships we preserve with vendors which, for example, can lead to favourable pricing schemes, shipping arrangements, and payment terms.

Trade in Multiple Currencies

We intimately understand the pressure organisations feel from trading in different currencies and offers our clients payment options in a number of other major currencies in addition to the United States Dollar (USD), including European Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP) and Australian Dollar (AUD).

Global Consignments

Our company contracts a highly specialised international freight agent to ensure that our client’s goods are delivered to the destination. With a worldwide network of customs brokers; utilising ships, planes, trucks and railroads as necessary, our agent delivers goods to even the most challenging of destinations.

Sanctions / Restriction of Supply

While we make every endeavour to ensure the universal accessibility of our services there are some limitations of supply. To meet our regulatory compliance obligations there are international restrictions on the supply of various types of RF hardware. For detailed information regarding the sanctions currently in effect please see our Export Control Measures.