Component Manufacturing

The firm has partnered with some of the world’s leading RF component manufacturers to deliver unique hardware solutions for our clients.  When specific engineering criteria eliminate current off-the-shelf products from integration, Halberd Bastion commissions unique components to suit our client’s exacting requirements.

The ability to custom manufacture grants a level of control that encapsulates more than quality management. In addition to ensuring appropriate Quality Management Systems are in place, manufacturing OEM products constructed to meet our client’s specifications, also permits greater control over MOQs, delivery schedules, and unit pricing.

Professional Relationships with Partners

To increase the firm’s situational awareness during the manufacturing process of OEM wireless components, Halberd Bastion appoints an attaché that works alongside our partner. This measure ensures that goods are being produced accurately and allows our representative the opportunity to pre-empt potential complications. Halberd Bastion’s personnel have developed a great rapport with our manufacturing partners and the companies’ representatives work collaboratively to satisfy clients demands. Halberd Bastion believes that the professional relationships we maintain in the industry provide significant tangible benefits for our clients.

Quality Assurance Procedures

Quality is a key element of the overall value that our firm provides to clients; in the instance of manufacturing, occupying a position of oversight grants a safeguard during the production process. Depending on our client’s requirements, Halberd Bastion has the ability to implement additional checks and test reports for high-spec or mission critical RF hardware such as increasing the number of test samples and enlarging the scope of testing performed.