Component Design

Radio communication is a complex and continuously evolving industry that requires highly specialised equipment made to exacting specifications, a fact that becomes ever more fortified as operators adopt new technology standards dictating the requirement of custom designed or precision network hardware.

Recognising this challenge Halberd Bastion offers engineering solutions to overcome both common and extraordinary challenges faced by our clients.  In these circumstances, our engineering department designs wireless infrastructure components to meet specific specifications.

  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Unique connectors, ancillaries
  • Armoured coaxial & data cable
  • Waveguide,OMT, and other microwave compoents
  • Passive components, such as attenuators, loads, couplers, filters
  • Military components (NATO or other military standardisation)
  • CASA aviation approved and aerospace components

Designing equipment to meet specific parameters is typically the realm of premium operators and generally is not required for standard applications.  When it is required, such as integrating equipment into a high capacity network or building new, first-class networks, the rigorous high standards prescribed eliminate a vast majority of the equipment on the market.

The physical production of Halberd Bastion’s designs is conducted by leading manufactures and these are offered to our clients as OEM products.  More on this can be learned at Component Manufacturing.

Electrical Engineering

One prominent example where custom designed components are required is when managing passive intermodulation (PIM), where a poorly designed product that is incorporated in a network or sharing tower infrastructure creates unwanted interference reducing the capacity of the network. Once PIM is in the receive path it cannot be filtered or separated, therefore the only way to minimise this effect is through designing equipment that reduces this effect to a tolerable limit. Many carriers enforce firm limitations on the level of unwanted transmissions and it is necessary to develop products that adhere these rules.

Mechanical Engineering

Military organisations must ensure that the equipment they deploy is effective even when operated during the rigors of combat. As such, individual militaries and organisations like NATO establish comprehensive documents detailing the requirements and testing parameters for military equipment which also extends to communications products. For example, the spring base of a vehicle mounted antenna and the associated bracketry must be rated to survive extremes of vibration, temperature, abrasive particles etc.

In addition to wireless components, Halberd Bastion also designs complete antenna systems covering from 225 MHz through to 80 GHz, please read about our Antenna Design Services for more information.