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DIN is a privately organised non-profit provider of standardisation services with more than 100 years' experience. More than 32,000 external experts from industry, research, consumer protection and the public sector come together at DIN to develop market-oriented standards and specifications that promote global trade and innovations, assure efficiency and quality, and help protect the environment and society as a whole.

DIN deals with subjects ranging from A as in Acoustics to Z as in Zinc. A focus is also placed on trending topics such as Industry 4.0 and smart cities. According to an agreement with the German Federal Government, DIN is the acknowledged national standards body that represents German interests in European and international standards work.

DIN Standards are the results of work at national, European and/or international level. Anyone can submit a proposal for a new standard. Once accepted, the standards project is carried out according to set rules of procedure by the relevant DIN Standards Committee, the relevant Technical Committee of the European standards organisation CEN (CENELEC for electrotechnical standards) or the relevant committee at the international standards organisation ISO (IEC for electrotechnical projects).

DIN Standards are reviewed at least every five years. If a standard no longer reflects the current state of technology, it is either revised or withdrawn.

Applicable Standards

Name Document Title Overview
DIN 47223 DIN 47223:1984-09

HF-connection 7/16; characteristic impedance 50 Ω

DIN 47231 DIN 47231:1974-02

HF-connection 4.1/9.5, characteristic impedance 50 Ω; mating dimensions

DIN 47295 DIN 47295:1986-08

HF-connection 1.6/5.6; characteristic impedance 75 ohms

DIN 47297 DIN 47297:1986-08

HF-connection 1.0/2.3; characteristic impedance 50 Ω

DIN EN 122190 DIN EN 122190 (1996-07)

Gives information and rules for the preparation of detail specifications (DS) for screw coupled coaxial connectors Series 7-16. States mating-face dimensions for general purpose connectors, dimensional details for standard test connectors Grade 0 in addition to gauging information and mandatory tests which apply to all DSs relating to Series 7-16 connectors using CECC 22 000. Specifies recommended performance characteristics for consideration when writing a DS, covers test schedules and inspection requirements for Assessment Levels H, M and U.