Female Body

Male Body


50 Ω

Maximum Operating Frequency

18.00 GHz

Coupling Mechanism

The QMA connector series was developed as a quick mating replacement for the standard SMA connector. With identical internal construction, the connector exhibits the same RF performance characteristics and mechanical durability with the added benefit of a 360º rotating snap-on locking interface. This snap-locking design improves packing density as no torque wrench clearance is necessary. While operating up to 18 GHz, like SMA the QMA connector exhibits best performance up to 6 GHz. The series is not standardised by any international body, instead being an industry standard under the QLF® Alliance.


The connector was developed in 2003 by the Quick Lock Formula Alliance, which consists of Huber+Suhner, Radiall, Rosenberger, and Amphenol.


QMA connectors can be found anywhere traditional SMA connectors are used, but are most commonplace in cellular base station hardware, SCADA radios, and a range of wireless test equipment. QMA connectors are also found in military hardware such as radar and satellite systems, where durability, strength, and quick-disconnection features are desired.


There are no known variations to this connector type.

Male Dimensions Female Dimensions
QMA male plug RF connector CAD drawing
Courtesy of Rosenberger
QMA female socket RF connector CAD drawing
Courtesy of Rosenberger