Female Body

Male Body


50 Ω

Maximum Operating Frequency

6.00 GHz

Coupling Mechanism

FAKRA "FAchKReis Automobile" is an interface standard for the vehicle industry comprising of an SMB RF connector and colour-coded housing. FAKRA connectors are employed to support the complex communication and RF systems present in modern day vehicles. These systems include DSRC, GPS, WiFi, cellular, keyless entry, remote start, proximity sensors, and more. FAKRA is standardised under USCAR and ISO 20860 standards. The connectors are designed to fit 2.5 mm diameter cables such as RG174 and RG316, and 5 mm diameter cables such as RG58 and RG59.


FAKRA as a technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, with each successive improvement considered a generation. Generational changes are outlined below:

  • Generation 1.0: Consisted of a machined body and contact supplied with an unassembled housing. Hand tooled.
  • Generation 2.0: Die-cast body, machined contact, and pre-assembled housing. Hand tooled.
  • Generation 2.5: Die-cast body, stamped contact, and pre-assembled housing. Semi-automated tooling.
  • Generation 3.0: Die-cast body, stamped contact, and pre-assembled housing. Automated tooling, some hand tooling remains.
  • Generation 4.0: Fully stamped body, contact, and sleeve, supplied unassembled. Fully automated tooling.


The FAKRA interface standard assigns applications to a particular colour code, although as the number of communication systems inside modern vehicles far exceeds the number of colour codes available, the assignment is not strict. Applications include, GPS, DSRC, WiFi, GVIF, collision avoidance, LVDS, adaptive cruise control, remote technologies, and many more.


There are 14 different mechanical interfaces, each assigned a colour-code which corresponds to a particular application. All variations are provided in the below table.

Code Application Colour, RAL Code Colour Male (Plug) Female (Jack)
A DAB/AM-FM Jet Black, 9005 FAKRA JET BLACK FAKRA A 9005 Male Plug FAKRA A 9005 Female Jack
B DAB with Power/AM-FM Cream, 9001 FAKRA CREAM FAKRA B 9001 Male Plug FAKRA B 9001 Female Jack
C GPS Telematics Signal Blue, 5005 FAKRA C 5005 SIGNAL BLUE FAKRA C 5005 Male Plug FAKRA C 5005 Female Jack
D Cellular Claret Violet, 4004 FAKRA D 4004 FAKRA D 4004 Male Plug FAKRA D 4004 Female Jack
E TV/SDARS Terrestrial Leaf Green, 6002 FAKRA E 6002 LEAF GREEN FAKRA E 6002 male plug FAKRA E 6002 female jack
F TV/SDARS Terrestrial/Camera Nut Brown, 8011 FAKRA F 8011 NUT BROWN FAKRA F 8011 male plug FAKRA F 8011 female jack
G Remote control/SDARS Terrestrial Blue Grey, 7031 FAKRA G 7032 BLUE GREY FAKRA G 7032 male plug FAKRA G 7032 female jack
H GPS Navigation Heather Violet, 4003 FAKRA H 4003 heather violet FAKRA H 4003 male plug FAKRA H 4003 female jack
I Bluetooth/VPM Beige, 1001 FAKRA I 1001 BEIGE FAKRA I 1001 male plug FAKRA I 1001 female jack
K SDARS Satellite AM-FM Curry, 1027 FAKRA K 1027 CURRY FAKRA K 1027 male plug FAKRA K 1027 female jack
L VPM Carmine Red, 3002 FAKRA L 3002 carmine red FAKRA L 3002 male plug FAKRA L 3002 female jack
M RKE/TPMS Pastel Orange, 2003 FAKRA M 2003 pastel orange FAKRA M 2003 male plug FAKRA M 2003 female jack
N DSRC/VPM Pastel Green, 6019 FAKRA N 6019 pastel green FAKRA N 6019 male plug FAKRA N 6019 female jack
Z Universal (Neutral) Water Blue, 5021 FAKRA Z 5021 water blue FAKRA Z 5021 universal male plug FAKRA Z 5021 universal female jack