F (Type F)

Female Body

Male Body


75 Ω

Maximum Operating Frequency

1.00 GHz

Coupling Mechanism

Interface Standards

F or Type F, are miniature 75 Ω threaded connectors used extensively in the cable television industry. The connectors feature a 3/8-32 UNF-2B threaded interface, and cable mounted connectors feature crimp termination. The design is extremely simple, mechanically durable, and quick to terminate, making it an ideal choice for residential cable rollouts. The design has been standardised under IEC 61169-24.


The F connector was invented by Eric E. Winston in the early 1950s while working for Jerrold Electronics on their development of cable television.


Due to the low cost design, the connector is found in practically all modern residences as a cable TV or cable internet outlet. Specific applications include MATV, CATV, HFC, and cable internet.


There are no official variations to this connector. The G connector is a slide-on/push-on alternative, however it is considered its own independent series.

Male Dimensions Female Dimensions
F male RF connector CAD interface drawing F female RF connector CAD interface drawing
Code Min (mm) Max (mm) Code Min (mm) Max (mm)
A 0.76 0.86 A 1.12 1.24
B 7.00 nom. B 5.00 nom.
C - 3/8-32 UNF-2B C - 3/8-32 UNF-2B
D - 12.95 D 0.00 0.20
E 5.72 7.11 E 2.00 2.60
F - 7.29