1.0 mm (W)

Female Body

Male Body


50 Ω

Maximum Operating Frequency

110.00 GHz

Coupling Mechanism

Interface Standards

There are two subtypes of 1.0 mm coaxial connectors in use; Laboratory Precision Connectors (LPC), and General Precision connectors (GPC). Laboratory Precision Connectors and General Precision Connectors differ only by permitted tolerances - clearance, flatness, and pin depth. The interface for both LPC and GPC subtypes is air dielectric with the contact supported by a short dielectric bead.


The 1.0 mm RF connector was initially developed by Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent Technologies) around 1989 as an ultra high frequency coaxial connector supporting mode free operation up to 110 GHz. The design was introduced as an open standard under the IEEE 287 Precision Connector Standards Committee. As a connectors maximum operating frequency is determined by its diameter, the 1.0 mm connector is an extremely small design and as the name suggests has an inside diameter of the outer conductor measuring only 1.0 mm.

No patent applications were filed to protect the design of the 1.0 mm connector. It is intended by Agilent to allow free use of the interface by everyone. Any manufacturer of connectors is free to manufacture its own version of the 1.0 mm connector.


As an extremely sensitive precision connector, the 1.0 mm RF connector does not find its use in the field. Applications are typically restricted to metrology, such as laboratory calibration and use in test systems. This connector is also often used on semiconductor probe stations for the evaluation of mm-Wave RF MMICs.


IEEE 287-2007 defines two subtypes; Laboratory Precision Connectors (LPC), and General Precision connectors (GPC). There are no other variations that meet the IEEE 287 standard.

Male Dimensions Female Dimensions
1.0mm precision RF connector male plug CAD drawing


1.0mm precision RF connector female socket CAD drawing


Code Min (mm) Max (mm) Code Min (mm) Max (mm)
A 4.150 4.250 A 2.950 3.050
B 2.362 2.372 B 2.380 2.390
C 0.997 1.003 C 0.997 1.003
D 1.260 1.860 D 1.600 1.700
E 2.840 3.040 E 0.000 0.051
F 0.300 0.500 F 0.450 0.550
G 0.247 0.253 G 4.010 -
H 0.433 0.523 H 4.000 HEX -
J 0.000 0.051 J 0.431 0.437
K 0.431 0.437