Times Microwave LMR200 coaxial cable layers

Cable Group


Attenuation @ 1000 MHz

0.34 dB/m


50 Ω

Inner Conductor

Solid Copper

Dielectric Material

Outer Conductor

Bonded Aluminium
Tinned Copper Braid

Jacket Material


LMR-200 is a 50 Ω coaxial cable type manufactured by Times Microwave, designed with a marginally larger center conductor than RG-58 and LMR-195 to provide reduced attenuation, while still maintaining a 4.95 mm overall diameter. The double shielded outer conductor provides exceptional RF shielding exceeding 90 dB, and PE jacket for a service life in excess of 20 years.

Several variations are available denoted by suffixes such as -FR for Fire Retardant, -DB for Direct Burial, and -UF for Ultra-Flex.

As the term LMR-200 is an international trademark of Times Microwave, each manufacturer will typically use a three letter prefix to reference their own similar variation, such as CNT-200 (for Commscope), KSR-200 (for KingSignal), and so forth.

Typical Electrical Specifications Typical Mechanical Specifications
Operating frequency range DC to 36 GHz Inner conductor (mm) 1.12
Capacitance (pF/m) 80.4 Dielectric (mm) 2.95
Velocity of propagation (%) 83 Outer conductor (mm) 3.66
Shielding effectiveness (dB) >90 Jacket (mm) 4.95
Maximum operating voltage (KVrms) 3.0 Operating temperature -40 to +85 °C