Times Microwave LMR-100 coaxial cable layers


Attenuation @ 1000 MHz

0.78 dB/m


50 Ω

Inner Conductor

Solid Copper

Dielectric Material

Outer Conductor

Unbonded Aluminium Foil
Tinned Copper Braid

Jacket Material


LMR-100 is a 50 Ω coaxial cable type manufactured by Times Microwave, and designed as a high performance drop-in replacement for RG-174 and RG-316. The double shielded outer conductor provides exceptional RF shielding exceeding 90 dB, and 2.79 mm overall diameter makes the cable type suitable for high frequency microwave applications up to 63 GHz, although rarely seen above 6 GHz.

Several variations are available denoted by suffixes such as -FR for Fire Retardant, -PVC for a variant with a PVC outer jacket.

As the term LMR-100 is an international trademark of Times Microwave, each manufacturer will typically use a three letter prefix to reference their own similar variation, such as CNT-100 (for Commscope), KSR-100 (for KingSignal), and so forth.

Typical Electrical Specifications Typical Mechanical Specifications
Operating frequency range DC to 63 GHz Inner conductor (mm) 0.46
Capacitance (pF/m) 101.1 Dielectric (mm) 1.52
Velocity of propagation (%) 66 Outer conductor (mm) 2.10
Shielding effectiveness (dB) >90 Jacket (mm) 2.79
Maximum operating voltage (KVrms) 2.0 Operating temperature -40 to +85 °C