Antenna Models

Below are 3 recorded antenna models using this design type. To conduct searches please visit the Antenna Procurement section.

Image Title Gain Frequency Range
Antenova Rubra A10393 penta-band cellular SMD antenna Antenova Rubra A10393 Penta-band Cellular SMD Antenna 2 dBi 824 to 2170 MHz
Antenova SR4L002 lucida wideband 3G 4G SMD antenna Antenova Lucida SR4L002 Wideband Cellular SMD Antenna 1 dBi 698 to 2690 MHz
Antenova Similis SR4C005 LTE wideband 3G 4G SMD PCB antenna Antenova Similis SR4C005 Penta-band Cellular SMD Antenna 1 dBi 824 to 2690 MHz
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