Antenna Types

This section displays antenna types recorded in our database. While we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the most common design types, the list is not intended to be exhaustive.

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Design Definition
Panel / Sector Antenna system with a directive radiation in both azimuthal and vertical planes, typically utilised to cover a number of receivers in a geographic area.
Yagi A linear end-fire array consisting of a driven element, a reflector element, and one or more director elements.
Log Periodic Dipole Array Any one of a class of antennas having a structural geometry such that its impedance and radiation characteristics repeat periodically as the logarithm of frequency.
Grid Reflector Subtype of parabolic antenna using a wire grid as the reflecting surface. Can be single or dual-polarised.
Parabolic Reflector An antenna whose configuration contains an axially symmetric reflector which is a portion of a paraboloid, and a radiating [receiving] feed system typically positioned at the focal point of the reflector.
Dipole Any one of a class of antennas producing a radiation pattern approximating that of an elementary electric dipole. Common usage considers the dipole antenna to be a metal radiating structure which supports a line current distribution similar to that of a thin straight wire so energised that the current has a node only at each end.
Monopole An antenna, constructed above an imaging plane, that produces a radiation pattern approximating that of an electric dipole in the half-space above the imaging plane.
Collinear A linear array of radiating elements, usually dipoles, with their axes lying in a straight line.
Dipole Array
Discone A biconical antenna with one cone having a vertex angle of 180°.
Backfire An antenna consisting of a radiating feed, a reflector element, and a reflecting surface such that the antenna functions as an open resonator, with radiation from the open end of the resonator.
Combination Planar
Horn An antenna consisting of a waveguide section in which the cross-sectional area increases towards an open end which is the aperture.
Corner Reflector An antenna consisting of a feed and a reflecting object consisting of two or three mutually intersecting conducting flat surfaces.