Antenna Types

This section displays antenna types recorded in our database. While we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the most common design types, the list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Antenna Procurement

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Design Definition
Backfire An antenna consisting of a radiating feed, a reflector element, and a reflecting surface such that the antenna functions as an open resonator, with radiation from the open end of the resonator.
Biconical An antenna consisting of two conical conductors having a common axis and vertex.
Cassegrain Reflector A paraboloidal reflector antenna with a convex subreflector, usually hyperboloidal in shape, located between the vertex and the prime focus of the main reflector.
Cheese A reflector antenna having a cylindrical reflector enclosed by two parallel conducting plates perpendicular to the cylinder, spaced more than one wavelength apart.
Cloverleaf / Wheel
Collinear A linear array of radiating elements, usually dipoles, with their axes lying in a straight line.
Combination Planar
Conical Log Spiral
Corner Reflector An antenna consisting of a feed and a reflecting object consisting of two or three mutually intersecting conducting flat surfaces.
Crossed Dipole
Cycloid Dipole